Brand Development for Christians who desire more purpose, passion, and profit.

Done-for-you or done-with-you brand strategy, marketing, or growth beyond the launch.

An ineffective or confusing brand can block your true desires.

You lose out on precious memories with family or friends, because marketing and networking is exhausting and time-consuming.

You lack true fulfilment and joy in your work, because your content and offers aren’t connecting with those you can help the most.

You delay realizing your soul’s purpose and calling, because you aren’t crystal clear about where your gifts and skills intersect.

Christine van Tonder

As a Brand Development Strategist and Coach, I help purpose-driven business owners impact more people with their work, by operating in the unique ‘sweet spot’ where purpose, passion, and profit meet for them.

Together we work on their mindset and perspective (why roadblocks are happening) as well as strategy and application (how to swiftly move forward).

Through done-for-you and done-with-you consulting and coaching we clarify, refine and deliver their internal brand, external brand, and customer/client experience.

Why should you invest in developing your unique purpose-driven brand?

Here are 4 significant results you can experience:

You feel more fulfilled by the type of work you do and who work with.

Marketing and networking feel easier and more effective.

You use your spiritual gifts to serve God's kingdom while serving the marketplace.

You grow your profit while doing work that makes a significant and meaningful impact.

4 Week Coaching & Implementation Intensive
Katie Baker

Katie Baker, Dietary Transition Coach

Christine van Tonder and I had a meeting in November to discuss how to go about organically promoting my Christmas workshop, Holiday Baking with Food Sensitivities. She was able to describe the strategy in such an understandable way that I immediately felt that I could easily implement it, and she is now my go-to strategist. She provided even more value with the call, when in her follow-up she sent me a list of HIGHLY useful free resources that circumvent the need to purchase the services that they replace. This is important, because for close to a year now I have essentially been waiting on funding to come through to be able to move forward in my business. Enrolling in these free resources have allowed for me to gain momentum that I otherwise would not have, and is saving me thousands of dollars. Additionally, Christine is SUCH a joy to work with because she’s truly interested in your overall well-being and in helping your business to thrive. Also, I should mention that the Holiday Baking workshop was a success! I had three people pay-in-full for the workshop, and one pay-what-you-can; of those, 2 who attended live, and 2 who wanted the recording. This is a big deal because spending time and money with someone during the holidays shows that clients were truly interested in not only the content, but also in the approach to reaching out to them that Christine helped me to develop. If you’re considering working with her, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed.  
Alleta Liebenberg

Aletta Liebenberg, Copywriter & Project Manager

Christine prepared a marketing strategy for a client of mine who is a speaker, counseling therapist and mediator.

I needed an independent opinion and her recommendations were spot-on with thought leadership strategy.

She is professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

You always get more than you paid for. Thank you!

Jana le Roux Janssen

Jana Le Roux Janssen, Digital Marketing Specialist - Kreativworx

Christine is great at what she does! We have collaborated with her team on various projects and Christine has really taken us by the hand. Christine is very knowledgeable and gave us great advice moving forward with marketing strategies. I would most definitely recommend working with Christine to scale your business and increase growth opportunities!
Anna Marie Vlasveld

Anna Marie Vlasveld, Owner - Signature Babe Boutique

Christine and her team are phenomenal. Without hesitation, they know exactly what they are doing and they get everything done perfectly the first time. This team is so awesome that they’ll see what you want and take it a million miles further! I am beyond grateful for Christine and her amazing team.
Leandra Hanger

Leandra Hanger, Owner - Bespoke Beans Coffee

Working with Christine is an absolute pleasure! Her work is of international standards, she is not scared to push back the boundaries in achieving the results for her clients. Christine is insightful, in touch with current international marketing trends, and most importantly, she is as passionate about your business and you!
Shannon Alldredge profile

Shannon Alldredge, Author, Founder - Tartesso Photography Collective

The validation and recognition I get from Christine is darn near addicting in and of itself! She reminds me that I’m only human and triggers some more productive and spiritually sound thoughts. Without her support, I would’ve continued to spiral. I’ve never experienced coaching like hers and continue to appreciate her ongoing support. I’m so grateful God connected us at this crazy time in my life.

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Find out which facets of your current brand could most benefit from a redevelopment, and my recommendations on what you could start improving today.