I am not tempted to use AI tools or swipe files to write copy or content.

I am also not concerned in the slightest that I will need to compete with AI tools, swipe file products, or any type of tech automation in regard to writing content or copy for my clients.

Eddie Shleyner, Founder of VeryGoodCopy.com shared this on LinkedIn:

“…successful campaigns target a specific audience with a specific message during a specific moment in time.

And when this moment inevitably passes, it takes the market—its perceptions, its needs and wants—with it.

Brass tacks: if the market changes, the message must change, too.

This is why copywriting swipe files are dangerous: just because something worked for someone else’s prospects then, doesn’t mean it’ll work for your prospects now.

And now—today, this moment—is everything.

A swipe file is a repository of once-well-timed approaches and angles. It’s a tool for learning and inspiration, not a copy catalogue to casually pluck from. And yet so many people use it this way, like a silver bullet.

But there are no silver bullets in #marketing, I’m afraid, no.

Success, ultimately, is the product of a few key things:

One, #creativity (i.e., doing your research and connecting disparate ideas and concepts in fresh, flush ways).

Two, testing (i.e., taking chances on educated guesses).

Three, hard work (i.e., consistently doing more than you think you’re capable of doing). ”

You can read his full post here.

It comes down to this truth:

Eventually purpose-led and impact driven brands and leaders will realize that there is no tech or AI that can effectively replace human’s unique abilities of creativity, discernment, and empathy.