The worst marketing advice I received starting out in business, which I still witness being shared with new coaches and consultants, was “just be yourself”.

THAT IS NOT a content marketing strategy 😬

Sure, there are specific situations and parts of doing life where this could be great advice.

Yes, it is smart to incorporate your values, character and gifts in your brand, including your content – strategically.

But, it’s not smart to make YOU the hero in the story you tell through your content and other marketing touch-points.

It’s also not very strategic to base MOST of your content on what you like or don’t like, fun facts about your life, or all the challenges you’ve been through.

If that’s all your followers get to read/watch/listen to, then what opinion are they forming about you?

What do they think of when your name comes up?

You won’t be top of mind when they are searching for their first/next health coach, graphic designer, virtual assistant, or [add your title here]…

They may think of you when they need recommendations for their next holiday destination, a free online design tool, or something else irrelevant to the gifts and skills through which could change their life or business.

Your content strategy should be aligned with the purpose of your content – the goal(s) you hope to accomplish through your marketing efforts.

If your goal with all the time and energy you spend online is to be liked and make new friends, then talking all about yourself may work.

However, if your goal involves:

💫 shifting beliefs,

💫 influencing the opinion others have of you,

💫 spreading a message that could make a positive impact,

💫 getting your offers in front of the people who already have a positive opinion of you…

Then you’ll need to create content that clarifies, communicates, and aligns with:

⚠️ the main outcome that your work/support can provide,

⚠️ who would get the most value from your offer,

⚠️ the benefits or results your clients can experience when they reach this outcome,

⚠️ the approach and processes involved in how you deliver/create the outcome,

⚠️ and why they should trust that YOU will be the right guide/conduit for them when they are ready to commit and invest in this outcome.

The list above will of course vary pending on the stage of your business, how long you’ve been delivering this outcome and the current goals for your brand or business.

That’s why it’s called a content marketing STRATEGY, not a content marketing TEMPLATE.

Developing brand strategies and content marketing strategies is part of the work I get to do with clients who want to live and work in alignment with their values while impacting the world in ways that are as unique and valuable as they themselves are.

Do you have a content marketing strategy that puts the focus on your audience/readers/listeners?

Will this strategy help you create content that makes them believe they CAN realize their dream outcome, with your support?

If you need help with this, ask me about my brand coaching and strategy packages.

Or sign up as a founding member of my DIY Brand Development Membership, read more about that here.

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