Learn how to equip yourself with important habits and skills, which can boost your ability to persist and sustain or adapt healthier choices and habits for years to come.


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4 Steps from auto-pilot to maximizing life

If you are a Christian woman who is tired of living on auto-pilot, just going through the motions and letting life happen to you, then this course is for you. You can get unstuck and improve the way you show up for yourself and others, to  maximize how you experience life and make the most of each day, transforming yourself from the inside out - one step at a time.

Your Vision & Transformation Statement

Work through some basic but powerful questions and prompts to assess your life based on the 7 basic human needs, design your life vision in each of those areas, and create an empowering transformation statement to power you on and guide you to your desired outcome.

Discouragers or Barriers & Encouragers or Motivators

Learn a practical way of identifying the internal and external factors which could hold you back, as well as the internal and external factors which could drive you further or faster and help you to persevere.

Your Transformation Roadmap

Design your unique roadmap, from where you find yourself now - your current life experience, through various barriers and detours on your journey, to finally arriving at your destination - your desired transformation.

Time Management

Learn how to prioritize your time better, make the most of the time you have, and prevent burnout from overload and lack of margin.