Are any of these statements true for you?

  • You struggle to make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle, behavior, or thought patterns
  • You often feel worn down or over-extended by priorities at work or at home
  • You feel that you lack focus, success, and contentment in your work and personal life
  • You want to show up and stand up as the woman you are called to be, but you aren't sure how to do that or who that may be

. . .

If you relate to at least one of these, then you know what a minefield it can be to get the right advice and support, relevant to where you've been, where you are now, and where you want to go.

Transforming how you get to experience life, does not need to be overwhelming or frustrating.

With the right support you could make the changes you desire not only possible but also sustainable, without tapping more of your energy, time, and mental focus.

Christine van Tonder

Hi I'm Christine

Kingdom driven Life Coach, writer, and passionate advocate for maximizing how you experience and show up in life, for yourself and those you love.

I help Christian women transform their everyday lives, from simply surviving, to truly thriving. A lifetime of spiritual revelations and lessons, combined with amazing training into nutrition, wellness, and behavior change by Cadence Health & Nutrition Coaching Institute (now Well College Global), has guided me towards creating an approach to coaching which not only helps my clients make better choices in each moment, but also changes the emotional and spiritual roots of those choices, so they can be adapted and sustained over a lifetime.

How you will work with Christine

  • All sessions are online, through video and / or voice.
  • Sessions may be recorded for your review (only with your permission).
  • Any 'homework' or tasks are up to you, you take as many or as few steps forward as you can manage.
  • You get ongoing access to mentoring and accountability from me for the lifetime of our coaching relationship, through WhatsApp, Messenger, or email.
  • You have the option to design a package/program to suit your schedule.

    Define the length and frequency of your sessions -
    from 15 minutes to 90 minutes a session, as often as twice a week or only once a month (minimum 3 sessions commitment required).

Thoughts from past clients

I had the privilege of a power coaching call with Christine last week. Wow, it’s was such an effective call.

Christine has such an excellent way of conducting her coaching by asking thought-provoking questions whilst listening intently to me as I tried to word my thoughts, struggles and mental blocks.

She, in turn, organise my muddled up emotional words into words that made sense. In that half-hour power call, thoughts were triggered that left me with ‘ah-ha’ moments. Forced me to review areas in my life in a different mindset.

I have a long way to go, however taking those few steps for myself, investing in myself to better me and my relationship with God is already a big step in the right direction. I so look forward to this journey with Christine. I am so grateful to God for putting her in my path.

Yolanda Almeida-Heiman

I had a lovely one on one session, digitally, where I could be really open and share my passion! And also the stage fright that I had to face every time embraced my passion.

She gave me such practical tools and advice that has really helped me in my journey! I can really see an improvement in the area of fear and stage-fright. By just making some adjustments to my thought life! Thank you Christine!

Suzanne Lombard

I have been blessed to have a few one on one coaching sessions with Christine van Tonder as well as attended one of her workshops.

Christine is truly amazing, her patience and gentle nature makes you feel calm but at the same time, inspired to be a better version of yourself.

Since meeting Christine, I have seen improvements in my personal life and business. Her encouragement and practical advise has made me discover myself on a more meaningful level and made me realize that I am the designer of my own life. Thank you Christine!

Sharon Tsao

I’ve been a client of Christine van Tonder since January and she has helped me very much! Thank you Christine for all your support and advice, I look forward to where our journey goes to from here.

To be specific, I would commend Christine on her diversity of business knowledge. She has the ability to apply it within the context of where you are at that moment. She also challenges you and stimulate ideas for growth.

If you are looking for someone to support you and to guide you, then you have found the right person here.

Thank you again Christine, so far for everything. We are just getting started!

Anneke van der Merwe

Since being part of Christine’s coaching group I have been able to find more balance in my life through recognizing obstacles that might be blocking my progress in life and work.

With each month’s topic with practical tips and coaching on how to grow and develop in a specific area and how to apply these tips and strategies I don’t feel so stuck anymore.

Last week Christine talked about the importance of a spiritual routine within the topic time management and since applying that into my own life I’ve been able to handle my margin better, I juggle work, studies, being a mom and wife duties much better now and I am slowly gaining confidence again- yay!!

I am looking forward to developing and improving myself more through this coaching program to thrive all areas of life!`

Anje van der Merwe


12 Weekly Coaching Sessions

Daily instant message access (Messenger / WhatsApp)

Weekly email check-ins for feedback and accountability (optional)

$US 997 | ZAR 2 870


24 Weekly Coaching Sessions

Daily instant message access (Messenger / WhatsApp)

Weekly email check-ins for feedback and accountability (optional)

$US 1 977 | ZAR 5 788


Choose a how long you want to work with Christine

Define the length and frequency of your sessions - from 15 minutes to 60 minutes each, as often as twice a week to only twice a month

Daily instant message access + Weekly email check-ins included

FROM ONLY $US 291 | ZAR 857