If you constantly feel frustrated about others in your industry drowning you out and ‘stealing’ all the attention, that could mean that your brand isn’t deep enough.

There is a simple way to set yourself apart from others in your niche, to make your competitors completely irrelevant.

Even if your title is the same as 5+ other people who appear to work with similar clients than you.

– Without relying on your personality or quirks alone.

Yes, I agree your brand should accurately represent your character, values, and how you express yourself. But, this is not enough to convince your audience that they should invest their hard-earned time, money, and energy in your work or support.

My suggestion is to go deep, instead of wide.

It is so tempting to talk about everything we CAN help people with.

When I suggest they work on refining their area of speciality and better define who they want to work with, many clients are worried that this won’t help them, saying:

“I don’t want to exclude anyone.”

“I can’t pick one problem, they are all equally as important.”

“All these solutions work together.”

“As a coach, I can help them with many challenges.”

I get this, I’ve been there myself.

But, the best shifts I’ve ever made, have resulted from making tough but necessary decisions, like these:

  • What am I doing now that doesn’t increase my impact, but instead costs me energy, money, or time?
  • Who have I worked with that didn’t get significant results, and what were the common denominators?
  • How can I go deeper with the work I do with or for clients, to get them more meaningful and lasting results?
  • What am I doing that doesn’t play to my strengths, and should I invest in improving this skill/knowledge, or would it better serve my clients to cut this work/approach?
  • How can I better leverage my gifts and talents to approach my work in a more purposeful and impactful way while glorifying God through the results my clients get to experience?

For me, this is THE work.

Helping other lightworkers and purpose-driven Christians to make a bigger impact through their gifts and calling.

I believe that each of us can live and work with purpose, passion, AND profit.

So, how can you go deeper in your work, today?

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