How to get out of a yearly burnout cycle…

Do you tend to get stuck in auto-pilot?

Are you often in survival mode, barely keeping your head above water until you can finally crash into bed at the end of the day?

In order to reduce overwhelm and stress in your business, it’s crucial to dig yourself out of this hole first.

You have to make space in your head and in your calendar to improve your processes, workflows, and choose better tools, for yourself and your team.

There could be a myriad of factors which add to or trigger your mental or physical burnout.

Some of them are internal, related to belief systems, thought patterns, and habits or behaviors that take time to alter and replace.

Others are external or environmental, things you may be able to refine or change more easily.

There was 6 400 000 search results for ‘preventing burnout’ on Google when I wrote this post.

It’s a hot button topic.

People love writing and reading about it, because so many of us have struggled or will struggle with it.

But, let’s face it, healing from or preventing burnout isn’t always as simple as following some 10 step how to guide.

In order to get to the bottom of it, you’ll probably need outside support.

A mentor, coach, or consultant with experience in certain wellness and business specialties could offer much needed perspective and guidance in this respect.

But, before you reach out for their help, you need to commit to the journey.

Make that space in your mind and in your calendar.

Especially if it feels like it will spread you even thinner than your work schedule has already.

Investing in this support can facilitate a much needed (and urgent) transformation, for your business health and your own health.

Future you will thank you for it.

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