How often do you audit your business?

I’m not referring to sales, revenue, or expenses.

There are certain aspects of each business that many Entrepreneurs think of as ‘plug and play’ or ‘set it and forget it’.

I’m talking about the patterns, habits, tools, and processes that support our productivity, workflow, and desired impact.

Some common categories of these include:

– Social Media platforms

  • Networking groups
  • Scheduling or automation tools
  • Marketing strategies and techniques
  • Work routines and schedules
  • Time management techniques
  • Standard team processes and procedures
  • Communication tools or methods

Maybe you chose each of these after careful research and consideration.

Or perhaps you went along with the referrals and recommendations from a trusted friend, colleague, or mentor.

However you came upon your decision, there was some level of intention behind it.

Do you realize you get to repeat that choice, or make a different choice, on any day?

But, why would you change what you’ve been doing for months, or even years?

Have you experienced feeling challenged by a lack of focus, a sense of overwhelm, low drive or no passion for your work, or even miscommunication and low morale in your team?

My clients find that this is where a business audit can often facilitate significant change for them.

During a business audit, which is a deep-dive consultation and coaching session, we explore every nook and cranny of their business operations, processes, workflows, and tools.

In doing this, we assess factors such as –

What has been working well,

  • What hasn’t been working well enough.
  • What their biggest energy and time drains are.
  • Which choices may cause disruption for their own or their team’s workflow.

Once we’ve defined this list, we work on a roadmap to better choices and solving the root causes of other time and energy drains for one or more members of their team.

I’d love to read your thoughts on this topic.

Do you agree that one or more of the tools, patterns, and processes you rely on to manage and grow your business could be energy or time drains for you?

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