When a potential client reaches out to me for the first time, they normally do ‘all things’ but feel as though their efforts go unnoticed.

😢 They post almost every day and get very little engagement and very few or no potential clients reaching out to them.

🤦‍♀️ They attract the ‘freebie seekers’ and ‘wanting too much for too little’ kind of clients.

😞 They spend 8 to 10 hours ‘building their business’ every day, only to get very little in return for the time and energy they invest.

I’ll let you in on something few of them realize…

Their problem is:

❌ NOT that they aren’t publishing enough content.

❌ NOT that they aren’t spending enough on ads.

❌ NOT that they aren’t providing enough value to their community.

The common piece missing for most of them is A CLEAR AND EFFECTIVE BRAND FOUNDATION.

They don’t have a solid brand foundation in place, that could be doing the heavy lifting for them.

What makes a brand effective isn’t the perfect logo or the most polished IG grid.

🔔 Your brand does the heavy lifting when your audience goes beyond liking your post and commenting with superficial and vague statements like ‘love this’ and ‘me too’.

Your brand becomes super effective when your audience starts reaching out in Messenger and eventually clicking the buy/book button! 🤯

One of the ways you could apply a strong and effective brand foundation is in how you create your Social Media content.

👉 Are you using the language that keeps you at the forefront of your dream client’s mind?

👉 Or are you only creating ‘feel good’ posts that might offer a moment’s burst of happy thoughts?

The kind of content that your followers will forget as soon as they scroll down to the next superficial meme or the latest version of the same affirmation they’ve seen 1000 times before.

✨ It is vital to create an intimate connection with your audience – a connection built on trust and mutual understanding. Especially if you are providing business growth or personal growth services.

It takes more than ‘positive energy’ and sharing about your day before that audience can confidently choose to invest in working with you.

If you want to transform your business narrative and let your brand foundation do the hard work for you, let’s chat.

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