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From day 0 to launch and beyond.

Experience greater purpose, passion, and profit through your truly unique faith-led brand.


Group and 1:1 Coaching

Group Workshops

Digital Templates & Resources

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Here's what the membership includes...


Videos, audios, and workbooks teaching you proven methods and frameworks you can use to build or refine the internal and external components of your brand.

Coaching Sessions

Private (1:1) coaching sessions with Christine, to help you make the best choices and take the right actions in line with your unique circumstances and goals.

Group Workshops

Live online group workshops (recorded) so you can adapt and implement the strategies and techniques needed to complete each milestone.

Some problems you can solve through this membership

Managing and growing your business feels draining and stressful

Your brand can’t be easily differentiated from your competitors

You use language and concepts that aren’t relatable and clear to your audience

Marketing effectively requires significant energy and time

You doubt your strategies & goals due to lack of progress or low ROI

You don’t know how to implement the right techniques or methods on your own


Meet Christine van Tonder...

My mission is to help Christians impact more people with their work, by operating in the unique ‘sweet spot’ where purpose, passion, and profit meet – for them.

This membership enables me to help you clarify, refine and launch or relaunch all the essential components of your brand.  I do this through teaching, consulting, and coaching members in group settings and one-on-one.

The experience, skills, and knowledge I’ve acquired through my personal journey and 15 years (combined) in the marketing and coaching industries, allow me to support clients on a deep level that considers and honours both their internal compass (faith, vision, calling) AND their business goals. 

Feedback from past and current clients

The validation and recognition I get from Christine is darn near addicting in and of itself! She reminds me that I’m only human and triggers some more productive and spiritually sound thoughts. Without her support, I would’ve continued to spiral.  I’ve never experienced coaching like hers and continue to appreciate her ongoing support.

Sharron Aldredge

Author, Founder - Tartesso Photography Collective

Working with Christine is an absolute pleasure! Her work is of international standards, she is not scared to push back the boundaries in achieving the results for her clients. Christine is insightful, in touch with current international marketing trends, and most importantly, she is as passionate about your business and you!

Leandra Hanger

Owner - Bespoke Beans Coffee

She was able to describe the strategy in such an understandable way that I immediately felt that I could easily implement it, and she is now my go-to strategist.  She sent me a list of HIGHLY useful free resources that circumvent the need to purchase the services that they replace.  Enrolling in these free resources have allowed for me to gain momentum that I otherwise would not have, and is saving me thousands of dollars.  Christine is SUCH a joy to work with because she’s truly interested in your overall well-being and in helping your business to thrive.   If you’re considering working with her, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Katie Baker

Dietary Transition Coach

Here's how it works

After you’ve signed up using one of the links at the bottom of this page, you will receive an onboarding questionnaire within the following 12 hours.  Answering these questions candidly will help me learn about your vision, your current reality, and the possible gaps that I can help fill with my support and guidance.

Once I’ve received and read through your feedback captured in this form, we can schedule your first private coaching session with me.  This is a vital step that helps me dig deeper and start exploring the point A and point B on your brand development journey.

After your first coaching session with me, I will have a clear picture into your present situation, past challenges, and future needs.  The information I gain from this assessment helps me determine which of the 4 brand development phases you will fit into.  

These phases are:

  1. Planning and strategy (Cohort 1);

  2. Messaging & Design (Cohort 2);

  3. Marketing & Content (Cohort 3);

  4. Launch and promotion (Cohort 4);

  5. Long term growth (Cohort 5).

Your personal access to the membership portal will be set up, where you’ll find session information and links to resources such as templates, courses, and workbooks.  You will then integrate and connect with your fellow cohort members in the forum or in our private Facebook group.

Once you complete all the milestones for a certain phase, you will be moved on to the next phase and cohort.  For example, if you enter the membership on 1 November placed in Phase 2/Cohort 2,  and complete all the necessary milestones for that phase by 30 November, I will move you on to Phase 3 and connect you with Cohort 3 in the first week of December.

Information overload is a big block for many business owners.  If that’s true for you, more information is not going to get you unstuck.  The biggest gap could be not having the right perspective, insight, and confidence in order to implement as you learn.

I will help you fill that gap by providing implementation workshops.  Each cohort will have its own weekly implementation workshop, which you will be able to watch/re-watch later. 

This means that each week you and your fellow cohort members will have access to my guidance, insight, encouragement, and feedback, to help you take action and implement one significant task or milestone in your brand development journey.  The milestone, tasks, and resources for each workshop will be relevant to what that cohort most needs to get done in that specific week.  

When you are moved into a new phase and cohort group, you will be able to access all previous workshop recordings, group session recordings, resources, and mini-courses relevant to that phase.

Each member will benefit from one monthly group coaching session, and one private coaching session with me.  The group sessions will be planned according to their current goals and the challenges or setbacks they talk about or vote on, in the private Facebook Group, private chat, and online forum. 

The topic of your monthly private coaching session will relate to the feedback and questions you post in the private Facebook Group, private chat, online forum, or private 1:1 weekly email check-ins.  But keep in mind that these sessions don’t need to stick to business topics, I will always hold space for you to share about and ask for my support on any topic or challenge that can affect how you experience the journey of pursuing or walking in your purpose and calling.

We can make a much bigger impact in the marketplace for God’s glory if we work together, building each other up, strengthen and refine each others gifts, and bring balance to or fill shortcomings in areas that some of are most gifted in than others. 

You will have opportunity to form partnerships with other members either subcontracting or partnering for profit, to promote each other’s brands, boost your marketing campaigns, or form masterminds to grow and rise up together.

Additionally, you will be continually encouraged to offer feedback to other members in your cohort to help them explore, refine, and elevate any elements of their brand. 

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