Your Vision & Transformation Statement

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Work through some basic but powerful questions and prompts to assess your life based on the 7 basic human needs, design your life vision in each of those areas, and create an empowering transformation statement to power you on and guide you to your desired outcome.


Working through these steps is a vital starting point for anyone wanting to experience more, become more, or feel more.

Don’t start the pursuit of your goals blindly without a clear and inspiring destination. The transformation statements you will create through this training can help you become more determined, consistent, committed, and effective, in your journey to truly thriving.

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Module 1?

Task 1: Assess Your Life - The 7 basic human needs - How am I fulfilling each need in my life? - How fulfilled am I based on each need? Task 2: My Vision - How could my life look and feel, if each need were being fulfilled? Task 3: My Transformation Statement - Based on each need, how am I experiencing life now? - Based on each need, how could I ultimately experience life?
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Your vision and transformation statement - Training

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