Purpose - Passion - Profit

Brand Launch Fast-Track Intensive

Build an impactful business in the sweet spot where your skills, gifts and calling meet.


Go from day 0 to doing work that glorifies God in the marketplace, in 8 weeks.

Is this you?

You are done with going through the motions every day.

You want to operate from integrity in everything you do.

You believe you are led to create waves of change in this world.

You are trusting God to use your pain, trauma, or grief to uplift others.

Every part of your journey has equipped you for such a time as this!

You know you will be capable if it is meant for you.

But you may still have some concerns, like…

Can I build a strong and effective foundation for my business, with limited time and energy?

How can I position my brand to stand out above the noise in a competitive market?

Is it possible to combine what I’m great at and what I love doing, to make an impact AND a consistent profit?

This fast-track intensive could eliminate these and many other worries.

Purpose - Passion - Profit

Go from dreaming to doing business in 8 weeks

[Phase 1]
‘Divine’ Business foundation

Private coaching to help you explore, decide, and define the following:

1.  Your dominant spiritual gifts.

2.  How you want to express/incorporate them in your work.

3.  The industry/niche where your skills and gifts are in high demand.

4.  Developing and refining your primary offer informed by all of the above.


[Phase 2]
Your ‘external’ brand

Private workshops to help you build out these components:

1.  Internal brand components:
vision & mission, archetype/persona, communication voice and style, perception/reputation

2.  Core visual brand components:
brand style guide, logo, color palette, font set

3.  Content Marketing Strategy
channels/platforms, lead generation & nurturing plan, content calendar for first month

Optional Add-On

Done for you service to create essential online marketing assets:

1.  Detailed offer description.

2.  Copy for your brand story or ‘about me’ section.

3.  Designed and developed 1 Page Website / Landing page / Sales page.

Your Investment


Phase 1 & 2 : $ 1000 USD (80% DISCOUNT)

Optional Add-On: $ 2 000 USD

How to know this is right for you

You DO want to

You DON'T want to

Meet your Brand Coach and Strategist, Christine van Tonder

Building and growing a profitable brand that allows you to experience a sense of purpose and joy while enabling you to support yourself and those you care for, can feel overwhelming, exhausting, or extremely time-consuming.

My mission is to support and guide aspiring and new Christian business owners to start and grow businesses in the sweet spot where passion, purpose, and profit meet – for them.

Through my diverse skill set in marketing and brand development, combined with my intuitive and spiritual gifts of wisdom writing, exhortation and shepherding, I help my clients articulate, refine, and realize their vision.


A few happy clients

Christine prepared a marketing strategy for a client of mine who is a speaker, counseling therapist and mediator. I needed an independent opinion and her recommendations were spot-on with thought leadership strategy. She is professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. You always get more than you paid for. Thank you!
Aletta Liebenberg
Copywriter & Project Manager
Christine and her team are phenomenal. Without hesitation, they know exactly what they are doing and they get everything done perfectly the first time. This team is so awesome that they’ll see what you want and take it a million miles further! I am beyond grateful for Christine and her amazing team.
Anna Marie Vlasveld
Founder - Signature Babe Boutique

Christine van Tonder and I had a meeting in November to discuss how to go about organically promoting my Christmas workshop, Holiday Baking with Food Sensitivities.

She was able to describe the strategy in such an understandable way that I immediately felt that I could easily implement it, and she is now my go-to strategist.

She provided even more value with the call, when in her follow-up she sent me a list of HIGHLY useful free resources that circumvent the need to purchase the services that they replace.

This is important, because for close to a year now I have essentially been waiting on funding to come through to be able to move forward in my business.

Enrolling in these free resources have allowed for me to gain momentum that I otherwise would not have, and is saving me thousands of dollars.

Additionally, Christine is SUCH a joy to work with because she’s truly interested in your overall well-being and in helping your business to thrive. Also, I should mention that the Holiday Baking workshop was a success!

I had three people pay-in-full for the workshop, and one pay-what-you-can; of those, 2 who attended live, and 2 who wanted the recording.

This is a big deal because spending time and money with someone during the holidays shows that clients were truly interested in not only the content, but also in the approach to reaching out to them that Christine helped me to develop.

If you’re considering working with her, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Katie Baker
Dietary Transition Coach
Christine is great at what she does! We have collaborated with her team on various projects and Christine has really taken us by the hand. Christine is very knowledgeable and gave us great advice moving forward with marketing strategies. I would most definitely recommend working with Christine to scale your business and increase growth opportunities!
Jana Le Roux Janssen
Digital Marketing Specialist - Kreativworx
Working with Christine is an absolute pleasure! Her work is of international standards, she is not scared to push back the boundaries in achieving the results for her clients. Christine is insightful, in touch with current international marketing trends, and most importantly, she is as passionate about your business and you!
Leandra Hanger
Owner - Bespoke Beans Coffee
The validation and recognition I get from Christine is darn near addicting in and of itself! She reminds me that I’m only human and triggers some more productive and spiritually sound thoughts. Without her support, I would’ve continued to spiral. I've never experienced coaching like hers and continue to appreciate her ongoing support. I’m so grateful God connected us at this crazy time in my life.
Shannon Alldredge
Author, Founder - Tartesso Photography Collective
Coming soon...
Dalton Neil Smith
Author, Founder -


Phase 1 & 2 : $ 1000 USD (80% DISCOUNT)

Optional Add-On: $ 2 000 USD