An empowering morning to conquer your day

I’ve gone through many phases in my life when I felt drained, lethargic, bloated, stressed out, unfulfilled, and terribly insecure.

Looking back, I realize that although I didn’t seem particularly unhealthy or unhappy, I did lack the vitality, energy, passion, and joy that I feel now.  I now know that there were many unhealthy habits, emotional baggage, and sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that kept me going back there.

It has been a long journey, but thankfully today I have the tools and strategies which I harness every morning, that help me to keep conquering my challenges, support, nourish and strengthen my body, and grow into the person I truly want to be.

In this blog post will I share with you what I’ve experienced to be the most transforming elements in a strategic morning routine.

If you practice these elements every morning with consistency and faith, these tools and techniques can help you create a conquering mindset, increase your spiritual passion and fulfilment, and support and improve your physical health and wellbeing.


Why do humans act like they do? Why do some people who seem to be so affluent and popular, often show self-destructing behaviour or sabotage their own relationships?

Why do so many women keep going back to unhealthy habits, or never stand up for their own wellbeing, simply taking what they get and rarely showing their bodies and themselves the loving care they truly deserve?

Each of us is born with 6 basic needs which are Certainty/Comfort, Uncertainty/Variety, Significance, Love & Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

All of us will find ways to fulfil them, some people will find ways that are positive and make them truly happy, and others will settle for ways that are neutral and that don’t give them any joy or sense of purpose. But many people will try to fulfil them in unhealthy ways that can ruin their health, relationships, or careers.

As a Christian woman and Holistic Wellness Coach, I believe that there are some vital components which are critical for us to fulfil each of these 6 needs using a spiritual foundation.

Some of these components that we should affirm and strengthen every morning, are our identity, worth, purpose, and trust.


If you carry negative thoughts, pain, self-defeating beliefs, or a limiting mindset every day, this can greatly sabotage your progress towards goals and your ability to be happy and fulfilled.

Tools and strategies such as affirmations, manifesting, meditating, and journalling, can be used to tackle them head-on. By using them every morning, you can instil new empowering thoughts and beliefs that will create a conquering mindset, to help you achieve greater results and progress throughout your day.

For some Christians, the topics of manifesting and meditating can be a bit scary, and they might even assume that these go against Scripture and how God wants us to live through faith and trust in Him.

Rest assured, these tools can be used to strengthen your faith, draw closer to God, and help you live like the healthy, passionate, and fulfilled woman you truly want to be.


Do you often skip breakfast and just grab a quick coffee or a sugary and instant breakfast? When last did you feel energized and focused until lunchtime? Do you tend to nod off in meetings or long phone calls?

If these questions got you thinking, then I urge you to create two vital morning habits that could change all of this for you – 1. MOVE YOUR BODY & 2. FUEL YOUR BODY.

You can benefit from both of these important health habits when you need them the most – the busy and stressful daytime hours that can be so taxing on your body and mind.

If you neglect to feed your body, or compromise too much and settle for processed breakfast treats loaded with sugar, preservatives, and additives, you will not get the results and performance that you are capable of.

How might your day be different, if you could reap these amazing benefits:

  • More oxygen to your brain
  • Aid your body to release hormones
  • Stimulate growth of new connections in your brain
  • Decrease stress hormones
  • Improve learning and memory
  • Spike brain activity and prepare you for mental stresses

Your brain could benefit from all of the above, by you simply enjoying a good workout first thing in the morning!

Although we can’t all do Yoga on a beach while watching the sunrise, there are many ways that you can get your body moving and your heart rate up, in your own home or back garden.

It IS possible to fit these elements into an enjoyable, quick morning routine, and tailor them according to your own wellness needs and goals, EVEN IF you only have 30 minutes.


Many days I force myself to skip lunch, just to get the minimum done by the end of the day. It is difficult for me to cope with the workload that is expected of me, and that creates more stress.

Because of skipping lunch I end up relying on a quick snack that might fuel me for a while but aren’t so healthy for me. Don’t even mention exercise, where would I fit that in? All of this causes so much tension, which affects my relationships with those I love.

I have dreams and goals, but my busy schedule doesn’t allow me the luxury of the growth and development I desire.

Does this sound like you? Well, this was my life a few years ago, but over time I learnt to use specific tools and techniques that helped me go through each day with purpose and intention.

If you plan and strategize your time and priorities according to the most important outcomes of each day, that can get you much closer to your goals, much faster.

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