Take a life inventory

Assess how you are feeling right now. What emotions or needs of yours are not being met? Please know that your needs are just as important as any other member of the family. I know it is very common, and even encouraged, for moms to neglect themselves in favor of tending to and giving to their children or others who seem more vulnerable.

I have seen in many moms who struggle with anger and irritability, one common factor was them not feeling emotionally fulfilled.

Some examples/signs of this are:

  1. They don’t get to invest time and energy in something they are passionate about
  2. They don’t regularly do something creative or challenging
  3. They don’t feel that their energy, time, gifts, and personhood is important and adds value to others in a meaningful way
  4. They don’t have a close friendship with a likeminded woman or older/more experienced mentor
  5. They do not feel safe, loved, secure, recognized, and valued in their marriage


Besides your emotional health, spiritual and physical health are also incredibly important. These areas also need to be assessed and addressed if shortcomings are noted. Rate how confident and satisfied you are with the connection and relationship you enjoy with God every day.  How confident and satisfied are you with how your body is feeling, supporting you, and allowing you to thrive every day?

Pick 3-5 positive changes/habits each month and stick to them

Now you can start thinking of ways to create more balance and health in each area of your life. Creating a healthier and more balanced life should not be overwhelming. You should be getting away from overwhelm, not adding more!

After you’ve written your inventory of each area in your life, look at the areas that stand out to you. Which needs or shortcomings are most urgent or important to address? Which of these impact your life the most?

Think about the easy but impactful changes you can make to the way you live, and how others can support you to do so.  By picking only between 3 and 5, this makes it easier to alter them or adapt them into your life, and change your schedule so they fit in, while repetition allows them to become habits over time.

Look at diet and supplementation to support your mood

Often, the underlying cause of anger, anxiety, and irritability could be dietary or even symptoms of illness, or emotional dysregulation.

If your symptoms are so serious that they are compromising your ability to cope, it is very important that you get a thorough examination by a qualified professional such as a physician or psychologist, to assess whether the underlying cause may need treatment or specialized care.

Some ways that you can start managing these symptoms naturally, besides specialized care or medical protocols:

  • Adaptogenic herbs (to reduce the effect of stress): Maca Root, Panax Ginseng, Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  • Certain vitamins and minerals: Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B9, Omega 3
  • Boosting your intake of foods that support and improve gut health: Probiotics – fermented Sauerkraut, Beet Kvass, fullcream plain Yoghurt with Live Active Cultures, Milk Kefir; Prebiotics – raw Garlic, raw or cooked Onion, under-ripe Bananas, raw Asparagus

There may be other dietary changes which could be made, such as limiting sugar and processed foods, depending on your lifestyle and eating habits.

Connect with a kingdom purpose and calling

Did you know that every one of us has a kingdom (from God and for God) purpose and calling, wherever we find ourselves?

God doesn’t only use Clergymen, Counselors, or Spiritual teachers/mentors to shepherd and help people in impactful ways.

You as a mother, have one of the most important callings for His kingdom. You have been called to shepherd and guide a young soul, so they can navigate this dark and confusing world while remaining faithful to Him and trusting in Him.

Every single day you have multiple opportunities through which you can teach your child about their identity in Christ, and how they can live and love like Him.

But your purpose and calling do not end in royal motherhood.  Your gifts, character, interests, and passions all offer you many ways to connect with other people and serve them every day.

For me personally, the biggest change that freed me from anxiety, constantly up and down moods, and not feeling adequate or good enough for anyone, was finding and believing the truth about my purpose and calling in this life. Once I started stepping into what I felt God was calling me to do for others and with others, I began experiencing a joy, fulfillment, and passion, unlike anything I’ve felt before.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to figure this out on your own. God WANTS to guide you.

If you are open to humbly and trustfully receiving His guidance and redirection, He will unveil a journey to a career, hobby, charity, project, business, or other platforms, through which He wants to use everything that is special and unique about you, to help others and draw them to Him.

I hope and pray that these tips have given you some ideas that you can start working on today, to create a more joyful and fun life for yourself, and your family.

If you liked this article, share with me below – what emotional/spiritual need is most unfulfilled for you right now?

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