Are you an over-extended Christian woman,
who's longing for more balance, calm, joy, and passion?

Would you like to learn how you could realise this vision AND experience long term results?

What if you could be...

More energized throughout the day

More attentive and patient with yourself and others

More productive, focused, and motivated

Freed of mom-guilt and the temptation to compare your reality to others' facades

Able to juggle expectations, desires, and goals with ease

What else is possible for you?

Feel more capable and confident in your marriage, your family, and your work...
Free up more space to spend time on your own needs...
Reduce stress, tension, and worried thoughts...
Become clear and confident about what you want, how you can pursue it, and that you are worthy of it...

This could all be within your reach!
But here's what you need to do first:

Make space in your mind, heart, and schedule, for the changes that will create these powerful transformations.

Define specific and purposeful goals which are aligned with your
life vision.

Unearth and replace the thought patterns, behavioural patterns, and unsupportive beliefs which have been holding you back until now.

Develop discipline, consistency, and persistence, to follow through until you realize your vision.

These are critical steps on the path to creating the life you desire.
But even supposed 'superwomen' don't travel alone in life,
so you don't need to either!

Has the need to appear strong, trustworthy, selfless, or independent kept you stuck...until now?

What else might be holding you back from seeing a thriving woman in the mirror each morning?

Procrastinating which usually leads to not following through...

Fear of how your life may change if you do succeed...

Low self worth and low confidence...

Feeling resistant or indecisive about important changes or choices...

Sabotaging your own efforts...

I want to share with you, that while all of the above reasons are very real and difficult, they are not unique. Most women who have deeply desired to transform their health and happiness, have struggled with many of these at some point.

I've overcome every one of these barriers myself, and with the right support and guidance, I know you can too!

Meet your coach and mentor in this program

Coach Christine van Tonder

I'm Christine van Tonder, a life and health coach for Christian women.

A lifetime of spiritual revelations and lessons, combined with amazing training into nutrition, wellness, and behavior change by Cadence Health & Nutrition Coaching Institute, has guided me towards creating a unique coaching approach which does not only help me clients make different choices in the moment, but also change the emotional and spiritual roots of those choices, so they can sustain and adapt those choices for a lifetime.

After dealing with many emotional, mental, and physical barriers myself, I felt called to guide other women so they can improve their health and happiness as well.   Self-sabotage, low self-worth, and complete lack of confidence were once hidden barriers which kept me from truly living life and taking control of my future.

After being diagnosed with PCOS in 2013, I started my journey to long term health management through natural modalities, which eventually lead to uncovering and healing my internal blocks as well.   This very fulfilling (although at times uncomfortable) journey lit a fire in me to empower and teach others how to uncover and heal whatever is holding them back from thriving in their own messy and beautiful world.

Read more about my journey and my coaching approach HERE >.

Thriving Christian Woman Private Coaching Program

Start with a Deep-dive

We'll kick off with a deep-dive session, to explore your current and past lifestyle choices, the vision and outcome you desire for our time together, and some of the most pertinent challenges you want to overcome.

Regular Breakthrough Sessions

During our private phone/video sessions, we will uncover the roots of your resistence or what has been holding you back from making progress. We will also discuss the factors which are encouraging supportive behaviour/thoughts, and which are encouraging unhealthy behaviour/thoughts. By the end of the session you'll have actionable steps for the next few weeks, to move you forward toward your vision and desired outcome.

Ongoing Mentorship and Accountability

We will have a set time to check in with each other once a week to keep you on track and building persistent consistency. You can choose to keep connected with me through WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram, or Email.

Help with Designing Systems & Schedules

I will provide hands-on assistance with creating schedules, plans, or routines, which could remove stress and overwhelm from your every day life, while saving you time and energy. This could include mealplans, daily schedules for home or work, sleep/bedtime routines, or monthly milestones/goals/tasks with reminders in your calendar.

Intensive Package

R 1 200 (ZAR) monthly

4 x Weekly 60 minute sessions a month
Weekly support and accountability check-ins
Online group coaching membership FREE

Foundation Package

R 600 (ZAR) monthly

1 x Weekly 60 minute session a month
Weekly support and accountability check-ins
Online group coaching membership FREE
Additional sessions only R200 each!
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