How moms can make healthier choices, even with limited time and energy

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This article is for you if you’ve decided that you want and need to make some changes to your habits and lifestyle, to become a healthy and happy mom, but you are procrastinating or putting these off because you believe that you need more energy and time in order to commit to them.

I believe that because you are a woman, there may be many demands placed on you. Being the more empathetic and emotionally caring gender, you do tend to take on the burdens and load of others more readily, even at the detriment of yourself.

While this can make it more challenging to care for yourself and do things that light you up, without feeling like you are neglecting your other duties, it absolutely is possible for most women.

In this article, I am sharing some of my best tips which could help you fit in healthier choices consistently, even with limited time and energy.


Incorporate healthy habits like exercise and being active in everyday tasks and make it fun for the whole family. You can also combine personal development or Bible reading with other more manual tasks, by listening to audio books or an audio version of your favorite Bible while doing the dishes, ironing, or preparing meals. Go jogging, bicycling, or hiking with your kids so that you can all spend time together and chat, reconnect, and build connections while getting your bodies moving, hearts working, and minds refreshed.

Make it a family or group affair

Have friends, family, or others in your household help you with things that make healthier choices simpler for everyone. For example, get everyone together so that they can join in with the meal prep routine, by washing and cutting up fruits and vegetables or setting and cleaning the table before and after meals.

Grow your support network

Arrange for a teenager or other responsible youngster to come and entertain or watch over your children, while you take time for yourself. This way you can go for a jog with a friend, attend a fun group fitness program, go to your weekly women’s Bible study group, or take an hour (or more) for whatever else you believe your heart, soul, and body, needs to thrive.

Be ready to make a wise exchange

To make the most of your time – redeem your time, you have to be willing to pay the price. You have to be ready to give up tasks, opportunities, hobbies and so forth, which are less important, or carry less weight, in exchange for better things or priorities which are more aligned with your big picture – the big picture that you are hopefully always adjusting as God guides you through His spirit. For example, if you take a hard and honest look at what your day usually looks like, and ask God to open your eyes, I bet you should be able to notice at least two things which could be moved to another time of the day, outsourced, or delegated, so that you can use that time towards healthier habits to support one or more area of your wellness.

There are many more tips that I could share, but as with most changes, the best strategies are found when there is a candid exchange of ideas and feedback so that the resulting possible solutions are truly sustainable and adaptable for you.

I’d love to invite you to chat with me (no strings attached!) so we can get you unstuck and on your way to recovery.

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If you work with me to overcome this challenge, you can create a lifestyle and schedule that will support you in improving your health and happiness every day, to become a vibrant and joyful mom.

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