A life of comfort or a life of purpose

A life of comfort or a life of purpose

What are you doing with your life?

Is there something outside of yourself that is driving and directing you every day, in the way you act, make decisions, treat yourself and others, or manage your personal and professional life?

Or are you passing your time like a robot, just going through the motions, reacting the way you were ‘programmed’, making decisions based on what others expect of you, and chasing money and status because that will make you more acceptable and likeable or comfortable?

For the first part of my life as a young adult, I ignored a calling on my life that seemed very obvious to me (although no one else knew) because I felt extremely uncomfortable with it, since it would challenge me to take responsibility for my life (as strange as that sounds) and make decisions which I felt some people close to me wouldn’t approve of or support.

I felt very strongly that I was called to help other people conquer their challenges, and draw them closer to God.

For 10 years I tried to avoid it. Even though I did make brief attempts to obey this calling twice, uncertainty and fear would soon creep back in. I would simply drop out and push it aside for another couple of years.

Every time that this calling would come knocking at my heart, it was stronger and more insistent.

Finally, almost a year ago, it came knocking again, and I realised that this might be my last chance to answer the calling. God had been slowly working on me, helping me to release my fears and fight the demons that were causing my self-defeating behaviour and indecision.

I jumped, and haven’t looked back since!

In just this short time that I’ve been following and obeying what I truly feel God is guiding me to do with my life, I have developed such deep passion, drive, and fulfilment. I have truly never felt as truly happy and filled with love, as I do now.

Sure it’s been a challenge, and some people certainly haven’t believed that my vision is realistic, but God tells me consistently (in His way) that I am on the right track, and I need to step out in faith and trust in Him, for today AND tomorrow.

What calling have you been resisting in your own life?

What beliefs or fears could be holding you back from passion, purpose, and fulfilment?

Please share with me in the comments below, I’d love to read your thoughts.

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Great post! Love hearing that you answered God’s call, no matter how scary it was and are flourishing in his plan for you. I felt called for years to write. I never understood my spiritual gift and never really thought too much of it, but after leaving my corporate role this spring I knew God was calling me to write and to start my blog. It’s not been easy and it took me way out of my comfort zone, but there is a joy to doing what you are supposed to be doing and following in God’s path that I… Read more »


I can relate to your post, but I haven’t known my calling or passion until I came to yoga. I think people who allow themselves to live in their passion are so much more happy, fulfilled and productive. We are often pushed into professional areas that don’t truly interest us or we work in jobs that don’t provide that growth or satisfaction that we want all while there is something for any of us to do with passion, dedication. Something that feeds our soul, we just have to be open to take risks. Thank you for sharing.

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