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5 Steps for Vitality & Joy

Post - 5 steps to vitality and joy

This year I feel called to uplift and empower Christian moms who feel exhausted, over-extended, unhealthy, or generally unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

In preparing for this journey I have been strategizing, praying, and speaking to as many of these women as I can.

The most common struggles for Christian moms

The biggest areas which most of these moms desire to transform, usually circle back to the same themes:

  • They’ve noticed that they are often impatient with and irritable toward loved ones
  • They struggle to maintain interest and consistency in important goals
  • On most days they feel like time runs away from them
  • They often feel drained or exhausted in the afternoons and weekends
  • They feel like they’ve lost themselves in the journey of marriage and motherhood
  • Their low confidence and self-doubt has started to affect their fulfillment in most areas

Does this sound like you?

Take a look at following statements, and consider whether any of them sound like the desire(s) that you hold for your own life:

  1. You want to utilize your time effectively, to make space for your own needs – without neglecting your loved ones.
  2. You long to experience true confidence, that flows into everything that you do.
  3. You would love to feel calm and at peace, regardless of the chaos or mess around you.
  4. You want to know your personal identity and worth deeply and to walk in it every day.
  5. You desire enough energy to make the best of each day and enjoy your weekends as well.

How would it feel if you HAD realized this vision? How different may your life be then?

What is holding you back from your dreams?

There are certain barriers which could keep you stuck on your path to realize this transformation, let me know if you experience any of these:

  1. You believe that you need more time in your day.
  2. You lack follow through and consistency.
  3. You experience low or fluctuating motivation.
  4. You feel discouraged doing it without a partner or friend to join you.
  5. Your slow progress makes you feel demotivated and discouraged.
  6. You don’t feel confident in your ability to reach your goals alone.

There are ways to get your breakthrough

The hidden path that I’ve found to realizing meaningful and lasting transformations as a Christian mom, involves integrating mind, body, and soul
Making better choices more often and more consistently

To start off the year making a bigger impact, I am releasing an email course TOTALLY FREE, to teach other faith-led mothers how to realize their visions of experiencing more vitality and joy.

The course will consist of one lesson a day, sent to your email inbox. You will have the option of going through the lessons in text, video, or audio format.

5 Steps for Vitality & Joy Email Course

Here are the topics I’ll be covering in these classes:

  • Lesson 1
    Casting an integrated wellness vision
  • Lesson 2
    Believe and feel that it’s possible
  • Lesson 3
    Be the queen of your day
  • Lesson 4
    Increase energy givers and reduce energy thieves
  • Lesson 5
    Small wins build momentum and consistency

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