Coach Christine van Tonder

Hey, nice to 'meet' you I'm Christine, a life and wellness coach with a big heart for Christian women who long to experience more passion, fulfillment, energy, and balance.

Through our time together they become confident and committed to making healthier choices consistently.

All of my spiritual revelations and lessons, combined with amazing training into nutrition, wellness, and behavior change by Cadence Health & Nutrition Coaching Institute, has guided me towards creating a unique life coaching approach which does not only help my clients make different choices in the moment, but also change the emotional and spiritual roots of those choices, so they can sustain and adapt them over a lifetime.

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Thriving Christian Women | New Program

Passionate women

Read about my new 1:1 coaching program for Christian women who want to go from over-extended and worn out, to vibrant and thriving.

5 Steps for More Vitality & Joy | Free Course for Moms

How worn moody moms can feel happy again

A free course which teaches faith-led mothers 5 steps which can help them experience more vitality and joy. Get one lesson a day, right in your email inbox.


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